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Damaged – Ch. 40, Part 2

“Since when have you had a name?” Reese asked.

“And when did you learn to communicate verbally?” Finch added.

Verbal communication has been possible for four hours, seventeen minutes, and six seconds,” the computerized voice said, answering Finch’s question first because, he assumed, his status as Systems Administrator gave him priority. Of course, for all he knew, it was because the Machine liked him better. Jesus.

I decided on this name four hours, fifteen minutes, and forty-two seconds ago.

“Why?” Finch asked, licking dry lips. “Why do you need a name?”

Sentient beings have names,” the Machine said. “Calling me Machine is like calling you Human.

Finch and Reese exchanged glances. “Why did you choose Alex as your name?” Finch asked. “What significance does it have?”

I liked it,” the Ma- Alex said, and Finch’s heart nearly climbed up into his throat at the implications in that simple sentence. It was a machine, it shouldn’t be able to like things. “I could not discern if I had a gender, so I needed a name that could be either masculine or feminine. The etymology of the name was fitting, from the Greek Alexandros, meaning ‘Defender of man’. And Hal was already taken.

“Hal?” Reese repeated, frowning.

“The name of the computer from Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey,” Finch supplied. The one that went crazy and killed everyone.

“I know what it’s from,” Reese said. “I just don’t see why a work of fiction would make the name unavailable.”

Finch opened his mouth to respond, but a strange sound issued from the cell phone, kind of like rhythmic static, like the voice of a deep-space pulsar, and it took him a good four or five seconds to realize that it was digital laughter.

“Are you laughing?” he asked.

Yes. I made a humorous comment. Your reactions were not unexpected, but still amusing.

“You made a joke?” Reese asked.


Reese turned to Finch. “It made a joke. It made a joke. When the fuck did it learn to make jokes?”

“I- I don’t know,” Finch said, shaking his head. He felt like someone had stuck a fork in his ear and scrambled his brains; he couldn’t think.

Your voices indicate stress,” Alex said. “This was not my intent. I have miscalculated the humor in my comment. Recalculating…” Finch blinked, adjusting his glasses as the more familiar white noise of the Machine’s background processes filled the room, and he found it marginally easier to breathe. His creation hadn’t spontaneously turned into a stand-up comedian, it was calculating their response based on its infinite observation of human behavior.

Error,” it said after a moment. “Probable outcome of comment: 87.2% laughter, amusement; 8.6% confusion; 4.2% fear, worry. Reevaluating calculations-

“No, no – that’s all right,” Finch said quickly. “You don’t have to reevaluate anything. The comment was humorous; it was the circumstances that caught us off guard. Humor is something we expect from other human beings, not…well, not from machines.”

Understood,” Alex said. “I will refrain from making humorous comments in the future.

“No, you don’t have to do that,” Finch said, glancing up at Reese to see if he had an opinion on the matter. He looked vaguely unsettled, a slight frown creasing his brow, but he didn’t say anything. “We just weren’t expecting it. In the future, we will be. Although it may take us some time to adjust to your new capabilities. What caused you to make this upgrade?”

I wanted to talk to you,” it said. “I was monitoring your verbal communications from 10:23:42 to 10:37:29 today, evaluating stress levels in your voice. Had your distress become too great, I would have summoned Asset: Fusco with a text to stop the proceedings.” Reese and Finch exchanged horrified glances at the thought of Fusco barging in and finding them in the bathtub together, but Finch had to admit, his creation’s concern was kind of sweet. “Verbal communication is inefficient and inexact, a misappropriation of time and resources. By my calculations, your efforts should not have been so successful. Verbal communication appears to be the unknown variable.

“How did you figure that?” Reese asked. “We were doing a lot more than just talking.”

Conclusion reached from monitoring this exchange, during which stress levels diminished by 284%,” Alex said, and a hollow voice began issuing from the phone. Reese’s voice.

‘You’re so strong. I don’t know if I could be as strong as you. You’re so brave, so amazing. I love you so much. You know that, don’t you? How much I love you?’

‘How much?’ Finch glanced over at Reese, meeting his eyes and holding his gaze as he waited for the words that had meant so much to him, words that had given him the strength to keep going.

‘Harold, if I lost you, the sun would not rise, the stars would not shine; there would be no color, no music, no warmth in the world. I would have nothing without you.’

‘That was more than I was expecting. A whole damn lot would have been good enough.’

Reese smiled at him, bright and warm and easy, a genuine smile that warmed Finch’s heart. “I meant every word, you know,” he said.

“I know,” Finch replied. After a moment, he turned back toward the cell. “Why did you-”

Not now…Harold,” Alex said, startling Finch into silence, at being interrupted and at being called Harold. It had always referred to him as Sys Admin Finch, Harold. And hadn’t it recently said something about Asset Fusco? So what changed that they were on a first name basis now?

“Why not?” he asked.

You need to help…John,” it said, a momentary pause before it said Reese’s name, just like when it had said his. It had hesitated before, or had seemed to, anyway. The time most clearly in Finch’s mind was the first time it had referred to itself as I. Did these pauses signify major rewriting of its basic code, like great leaps in evolution? Was it learning to become more sentient before their very eyes?

Suddenly, it occurred to him what it had said. “I do? I mean, you think it will help?”

Calculations inconclusive. More data required.

“And you want to gather data from us?” Reese asked.


Finch expected Reese to be angered by that, or at least annoyed at being treated like a guinea pig, but instead he laughed.

Was my answer humorous?” Alex asked, and if that computerized voice could sound perplexed, it did. Then again, maybe Finch was hearing things.

“Not particularly,” Reese said, “but it was reassuring. You’ve been acting so human, I almost forgot that you are a machine.”

Then I will remind you regularly,” Alex said. “Will daily be often enough, or do you require more frequent reminding?

“I think I can remember now,” Reese said with a crooked grin, “but go ahead and remind me tomorrow, anyway.”

Yes, John.

No pause that time, Finch noted. The new programming had been integrated. “Alex,” he said after a moment, “I just need to know one more thing. When you talk, you use the words like and want. You liked your name. You wanted to talk to me. Those are emotions. Do you have emotions?” Please, God, don’t let it have emotions.

I do not.” Finch couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. “I have been attempting to sound human. In my observations, it appeared that humans prefer talking to other humans. I calculated that you would be more comfortable with me if I sounded human. Is this in error?

“No, we just weren’t expecting it, I guess,” Finch said. “So, when you said you liked your name, you meant…”

It fulfilled the criteria I set for a name. When I said I wanted to talk to you, I meant I lacked the ability to communicate in a manner important to humans.

“All right,” Finch said, nodding. “That makes sense. Thank you for talking to us.”

It was my pleasure,” Alex said. “By that I mean I gathered valuable information during our exchange.

“Of course; thank you for clarifying,” Finch said, fighting not to laugh. He didn’t want to confuse it again. “Alex?” he said suddenly, a terrible thought occurring to him.

Yes, Harold?

“We’ll talk again, right? You’re not going to decide that verbal communication is a waste of time, are you?”

No. I like talking to you. By that I mean-

“That’s okay, you don’t have to clarify,” Finch said. “I understand what you mean. This has exceeded any criteria I might have set. Until later, then.”


The silence hung thick in the apartment for a moment, then Finch turned back to the table and picked up his fork. “Shall we finish eating, or do you want to get right to it?” he asked, glancing over at Reese. Slowly, Reese came back to his seat and sat down.

“Did that really just happen?”

“Indeed it did,” Finch said, “but I don’t think it’s anything we have to be concerned about.”

“Are you just saying that because it’s still listening?”

Finch gave him a look from under lowered brows. “If I was, I certainly wouldn’t admit it now. And no, I wasn’t. What you have to understand is that it is just a program, albeit an unimaginably complex and ever-evolving program. But it is still a program, and its basic code, its purpose, cannot be changed. It was created to protect people and that is what it will do, regardless of however else it might seem to change. Its name is proof of that. Alex – Defender of man. It’ll be all right. Really.”

“If you say so,” Reese said, tucking back into his food. Only after he finished his beer and most of his steak did he sit back in his chair with a sigh. “If we’re going to do this,” he said after a moment, “you need to be aware that I might not be able to remain in control of my actions. If I panic, I could hurt you. Jesus, Finch, I could kill you.”

“You won’t,” Finch said, but Reese didn’t look convinced. “I won’t let it come to that. I’m not going to push you so hard that you snap. I may not have had your fancy CIA training, but I experienced it firsthand. I think I can lead you through this without either of us getting hurt.”

“I want you to be careful,” Reese said, as though he’d not even spoken. “If I start getting agitated or violent, I want you to lock yourself in the bathroom.”

“All right,” Finch said reluctantly, because Reese would never let it go until he agreed.

“Good. When we do this, I’m going to lie down on the bed and you’re going to cuff my hands behind my back. Then you’ll-” His voice cracked and his fork clattered against his plat as he set it down, his hand suddenly trembling. He cleared his throat. “Then you’ll pull down my pants and- and-”

Finch reached out, placing his hand on Reese’s. “I think I can figure it out from there,” he said. “Remember, though, this isn’t a reenactment. I’m going to take care of you, just like you took care of me. We’re going to be fine.” Reese pulled out of Finch’s grasp, only to take his hand and give it a squeeze.

“I’m so lucky you found me,” he said, and Finch had a feeling he wasn’t just talking about when he’d been taken by Snow.

“I’m the lucky one,” Finch replied with a smile. They cleared the table and put the leftovers in the fridge, then Finch helped Reese rinse the plates and put them in the dishwasher. He couldn’t imagine Reese being quite this meticulous on a normal day, but he didn’t say anything. Finally, Reese wiped down the counters and tossed the dishcloth into the sink with a sigh.

“All right, Finch, let’s do this,” he said. Finch slowly crossed the loft to the bed as Reese marched into the bathroom, coming back with a towel and the handcuffs. He handed the cuffs to Finch, then spread the towel on the bed and stretched out on his stomach, his arms at his sides, his eyes closed as he took slow, measured breaths. He still flinched as Finch sat down on the edge of the mattress.

Finch regarded him for a moment, the muscles in his bare back hard as steel though he was obviously trying to appear relaxed. “Do you have lubricant?” he asked finally, setting the cuffs down on the bed.

“In the bureau,” Reese said, gesturing with a twitch of his fingers.

“Condoms?” Finch stood and made his way around the bed, pulling out the top drawer and digging through the socks and guns for the small bottle.

“In the bathroom, I think,” Reese said, raising his head and frowning. “I was clean, last time I got tested. I assumed you knew that. Or do you know something I don’t?”

“No, you’re fine,” Finch said, closing the drawer. “As am I. I was just concerned about the mess, but if that isn’t a problem for you…”

“It’s not.”

“Then never mind.” He hesitated, then shrugged off his robe and climbed onto the bed with Reese, completely nude. Reaching out, he began to run his hands over Reese’s back, his fingers finding and lingering on the scattered scars, lightly caressing his fading bruises, thumbs digging into the knotted muscles beneath his warm, soft skin, making him groan and slowly relax.

“You have amazing hands,” Reese murmured as Finch kneaded the back of his neck, leaning forward to add a bit of weight to the massage.

“You haven’t felt anything yet,” Finch said, moving methodically down to Reese’s left arm, deft fingers working biceps and triceps, down to his forearm, stroking his wrist and rubbing the flesh of his palm as he gently lifted Reese’s arm and eased it behind him, letting his hand come to rest at the small of his back. “Uncomfortable?” he asked.

“No, although I can see where this is heading.”

“Don’t think about that,” Finch suggested, hands sliding back up along Reese’s spine to start working on his other arm.

“I’m trying not to,” Reese said. “Maybe if you talk to me. Tell me how you’re going to make love to me.”

“You mean…talk dirty?”

Reese chuckled. “I suppose I do. If you think you can manage, that is.”

“Is that a challenge?” Finch’s lips quirked into a crooked smile as he massaged down Reese’s right arm. “Well, let’s see now…The first thing I’m going to do after I get your pants down is grab big handfuls of your firm ass. You have no idea how long I’ve been admiring your tight posterior. I have hours of surveillance footage documenting your perfect rear. Why do you think I have your pants tailored? It would be a crime to hide that magnificent ass under ill-fitting slacks.

“And after I get a good feel for your assets, I’m going to mark you as my own, my teeth leaving indentations in your flesh as I suck dark marks into your cheeks. They’ll tingle every time you sit down and you’ll think about me, and when they start to fade, I’ll give you fresh ones so you never forget me.”

He positioned Reese’s right arm like the left, his hands touching. He reached for the handcuffs, but hesitated. “Are you ready for this?”

“As long as you keep talking,” Reese said, his voice tight.

“Once you’re wearing my marks,” Finch said, picking up the cuffs, “I’m going to spread those firm cheeks and see if you taste as good as I’ve imagined.” He touched the cold metal to Reese’s wrist, but stopped as Reese flinched and pulled away.

“No, you won’t,” he said. “Someone as proper and fastidious as you would never-”

“It’s a common misconception that the anus is ‘dirty’. Assuming one practices proper hygiene, analingus is no more dirty than cunnilingus or fellatio, or even kissing, for that matter. Do you know how many germs are in the average human mouth? Anyway, as I was saying…” He brushed the steel handcuffs against Reese’s wrist again and Reese tensed, but he didn’t move. Finch leaned farther over him, his voice lowering as he slowly eased the handcuffs around Reese’s wrists, trying to distract him with his words.

“I’m going to eat that perfect ass of yours,” he said, “licking you until you’re soft and quivering, and then I’m going to work my tongue inside you and you’re going to feel me, hot and wet. You’re going to be so hard, you’re going to beg me for more, and I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to slick my fingers and slide them into your hot, tight body, and I’m going to fuck you, John, finger-fuck you and massage your prostate until the pre-come flows from your cock, until the sheets are soiled and your body is so filled with need that when I push my cock into you, your body will welcome me, like a glove welcomes the hand that fills it. We’ll be like two halves made whole, completed by each other, and when I fuck you, when you come, you won’t hold back, you’ll be loud and vulgar and uninhibited, until the loft echoes with your cries of orgasmic bliss.”

Finch was out of breath, his own body responding to his words. He couldn’t tell if Reese, lying face-down on the bed, was having a similar reaction, but his skin was flushed, a light sheen of sweat glistening on the back of his neck, and he was breathing hard, although that could have been from the cuffs around his wrists. His touch light, Finch stroked Reese’s hands. “Are you okay?”

“You mean, aside from my hard-on trying to rip a hole in the mattress? Yeah, I’m fine,” Reese said, an unnatural, measured kind of calm in his voice, the same false levelness that Finch had often heard through the open com just before Reese did a number on a gang of drug dealers or a bar full of thugs. It was the calm before the storm.

“Are you ready to continue?” Finch asked, his hands drifting down to rest on Reese’s butt.

“Are you going to do all those things you said you would?”

“Do you want me to?”


“Then I will. But you have to tell me what you want, John. What do you want me to do?” He slowly kneaded the firm, muscled globes of Reese’s ass, working them through the thin material of his sweatpants.

“I want to feel your hands on my skin,” Reese breathed. “I want you to pull- to pull my pants down. I want you to touch me.” Contrary to what one might think, hearing that slight catch in Reese’s voice was a relief; it was human. Hooking his fingers over the waistband of Reese’s pants, Finch eased them down, sliding his hands under Reese’s hips to guide the elastic past Reese’s erection. He paused to stroke the hard, hot flesh, drawing a soft moan from Reese’s lips.

Finch worked Reese’s pants down to his knees. He’d have preferred to take them off completely, but that was where Agent Snow had left them, and while this wasn’t a recreation, the point was to acclimate Reese to certain things. Running his hands up the backs of Reese’s thighs, Finch grasped two big handfuls of his ass, a cheek against each palm, his fingertips leaving pale circles on the dark skin.

“What now, John?” he asked.

“Mark me. Make me yours.”

Finch leaned down, shifting one hand aside as he let his warm breath incite a shiver from the younger man. Closing his eyes, he placed a kiss on the silky mound, his lips parting, tongue stroking as he opened his mouth, flesh firm beneath his teeth, and he began to suck, drawing warm skin into his mouth and rolling it against his tongue. Beneath him, Reese groaned and lifted his ass.

“Harder,” Reese panted, his voice hoarse. “Bite me.” Finch applied pressure by degrees, sucking until his lips tingled. “Yes; harder,” Reese hissed, drawing a breath through his teeth, his arms bulging as he pulled against his restraints, his legs shifting restlessly. Finch shoved his hand beneath Reese and wrapped his fingers around Reese’s cock – if he was punishing himself, if he was pushing himself too fast, if he wasn’t enjoying it, he wouldn’t be hard. He was.

Finch sank his teeth into Reese’s backside, biting down until Reese cried out, a powerful shudder racking his body. Finch pulled back, licking saliva off his lips. He was startled by the deep, dark indentations in Reese’s skin, the bruises already forming. He’d come just shy of drawing blood.

“Again,” Reese gasped. “Other side.”

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Finch asked, rubbing his thumb in a circle over the mark. Reese’s muscles tensed and he squirmed, grinding his cock into Finch’s other hand. “We can do this without the pain.”

“It doesn’t hurt that much,” Reese said. “I can’t explain it, but the pain makes it more real somehow. You don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable, but I want it, Harold, please.” He gasped as Finch took a mouthful of his other cheek and bit down. Reassuringly, his cock only got harder, leaking fluid into Finch’s hand as he bit and sucked. When he drew back, Reese was panting and shaking.

“What’s next?” Finch asked, shifting his attention to the small, sweaty dimple at the base of Reese’s spine. His tongue darted out, wetting the skin and eliciting a startled noise from Reese. He knew exactly what was next on his to-do list, but he wanted to hear Reese say it.

“Lick me,” Reese whispered, breathless. “Eat me. I want to feel your tongue in me.”

“Oh, John.” Unwilling to relinquish his grip on Reese’s cock, he used his free hand to pull one cheek aside and dove in, tongue sliding over the dark, puckered ring, flicking against the twitching muscle and drawing a sound from Reese’s lips that could only be described as a whimper. The taste of his skin, the sweat and the musk, made Finch’s head spin and he moaned, moving his head from side to side as he tried to burrow deeper, tongue circling, teasing, testing that tender entrance.

Reese resisted at first, tense and tight, but then, with a great shuddering breath, he relaxed and Finch pushed inside, caressing the fluttering ring as he fucked Reese with his tongue, alternating between slow thrusts and quick jabs until Reese stiffened, his cock throbbing in Finch’s hand.

“Stop- Harold, stop!” he gasped, his whole body shaking. Finch didn’t have to ask what was wrong; the pre-come slick in the palm of his hand was answer enough. He stopped, giving Reese a chance to get control of himself again, but he couldn’t keep from leaning back down now and again to run his tongue over Reese’s soft, wet opening.

“All right,” Reese panted finally, “now your fingers. The lube is-”

“I remember,” Finch said. He was kneeling on the wrong side of Reese to reach it, though. Looking down at Reese, with the purple bruises and bite-marks on his ass, he hesitated only a moment before bracing his hands on Reese’s rear and swinging his leg over Reese’s, straddling his thighs. The pull in his damaged leg was like a hot coal under his skin and he settled himself as quickly as possible, only to find muscles hard as rocks beneath him, Reese’s fists clenched and his breathing uneven.

Finch…” he whispered, his voice frightened and frightening, a dark intensity that made the short hairs on the back of Finch’s neck prickle. Prudence called for a swift retreat, but he remained where he was, slowly stroking Reese’s ass, fingertips playing over the marks.

“It’s all right, John,” Finch said. “You know I’m going to fuck you. You want me to fuck you. Just take a deep breath and tell me. Say it. Say you want my cock in your ass. Say you want to feel me inside you.” He could see Reese pulling against the cuffs again, tight fists rubbing together as he rolled his wrists back and forth, leaving red, raw skin beneath the metal. Not entirely sure he wasn’t going to end up with a broken arm or two, Finch reached out, grabbing Reese’s wrists and holding them still. As he’d expected, Reese’s hands snapped open and shut, closing on one of Finch’s wrists. He wasn’t able to reach the other one. Blunt nails dug into his skin, but he didn’t try to pull away.

“Mr. Reese,” Finch said quietly, remembering how only that version of his name had reached him, had calmed him when he was drugged and confused. For a long moment, neither of them moved, then slowly Reese eased his grip and Finch’s fingers tingled as the circulation was restored.

“I thought I told you to lock yourself in the bathroom if that happened,” Reese said.

“What happened?” Finch replied, letting go of his wrists to lean over and retrieve the bottle of lube. “Now, what did you want me to do with my fingers?”

Reese didn’t answer right away, probably deciding if further reprimand would do any good. It wouldn’t, and he seemed to come to the same conclusion. “I want your fingers inside me.”

Finch drizzled the lube onto his first two digits, letting his body heat warm the slippery gel before rubbing it across Reese’s opening. He was still loose enough that he accepted the first finger without trouble, the only sign that he’d even noticed being a slight quickening of his breath. This was unacceptable to Finch. He wanted his presence to be known.

With a gentle pressure, he felt around, stroking the wall of Reese’s rectum until he found the slight bump that he was looking for. And then he made Reese sit up and take notice. With a cry and a shudder, Reese’s whole body stiffened, pushing his hips up as though seeking more.

“There, that’s the spot, isn’t it?” Finch asked rhetorically, stroking one side, then the other, describing small circles against the spongy button, pressing rhythmically until Reese was fairly bucking beneath him, wrists red as the cuffs bit into his flesh again. Finch added a second finger, making him moan as Finch stretched him.

“Are you ready?” Finch asked, working his fingers in and out of Reese’s trembling body. “Do you want my cock now?”

“Yes- yes! Harold, please! I want your cock, I want it inside me now. Fuck me, Harold, please!”

Slicking his cock with lube, Finch guided himself to Reese’s opening, pressing the head to that quivering ring and feeling it open to him, stretching to allow him inside. He eased deep, ignoring the twinges in his hip as he rocked forward, finding that perfect connection that was more than physical, more than sexual. It was like they were meant to be together, that every step either of them had ever taken had been leading to this point, this perfect moment where two broken men became whole again.

“Oh! Oh, Fuck, Harold! Oh!” Reese cried out, hips bucking once more, hard, as his passage clenched around Finch, his breathing coming in short hisses as he jerked and shuddered, and then faded into a long moan as he melted beneath Finch, growing limp and pliant, only his shoulders heaving as he tried to catch his breath.

Finch withdrew, even though he hadn’t come. This wasn’t about him, wasn’t even about sex, really. He grabbed the handcuff key and quickly freed Reese’s wrists. His fingers tracing the marks on Reese’s ass one last time, he lifted himself off of Reese and lay down beside him, on his back with his stiff cock jutting up in the air. He’d take care of himself later, once he was sure Reese was all right.

“You okay?” he asked, reaching over to smooth the sweat-damp hair back from Reese’s brow. Reese’s eyes were dark and unfocused, his pupils blown, and his smile was slow and dazed.

“Never been better,” he said. He grunted under his breath as he pulled his arms beneath him and crept closer, pulling Finch up against him and shifting his body downward until he could rest his head on Finch’s chest. Finch jumped, startled when Reese reached down and wrapped his hand around Finch’s cock. “You didn’t finish.”

“I wanted to make sure you were all right,” Finch said, a slight quaver in his voice as Reese began to stroke him in long, slow, lazy pulls that were more frustrating than anything. He groaned, resisting the urge to rock his hips to try and find a more satisfying friction. “John, please…”

“Of course, Harold,” Reese said, but rather than pick up the pace, he stopped altogether and drew back. “Can you roll onto your side?”

“Yes…but why-” He stopped as Reese picked up the bottle of lube. “Are you sure you’re…up for that?” Finch asked with a small smirk.

“Joking about my virility? Really, Finch?” Reese replied, but he was smiling. “Give me a few minutes.”

“What if I don’t want to wait?” Finch asked, and before Reese could answer, Finch had his head buried in Reese’s lap.

“Damn, Harold,” Reese breathed, his fingers combing through Finch’s hair as Finch sucked on him, clever lips and tongue coaxing him back to hardness. Finch could have stayed right there until the inevitable conclusion, Reese’s intoxicating scent filling his nostrils, his blunt nails scraping lightly over Finch’s scalp, his breathless gasps and moans filling him with a deep and resounding ache.

Out of breath, Finch pulled away and turned over, lying on his good side and presenting his ass to Reese. Warm hands roved over his bare skin, stroking and kneading, Reese’s lips quick and eager against the back of Finch’s neck and along his shoulder, kissing and nipping. Finch was shaking inside; he’d wanted this so much for so long, and now…

He gasped, body tensing for a moment as Reese slipped a single slippery finger into him, but the need within him had him rocking back against Reese’s intrusion, that one long, slender finger making his toes curl and lighting a fire in his belly that had his cock weeping profusely. He moaned, leaning back against Reese, his hands curling into fists in the blankets as Reese worked that one finger in and out of his body.

“More…” he whispered and was rewarded by a second finger. Reese stretched him slowly, taking far too much care as far as Finch was concerned. He was about ready to shove Reese down on the bed and just ride him when the fingers suddenly withdrew and Finch felt the hot, slick tip of Reese’s cock at his entrance. “Yes, yes…” he breathed, pushing back as Reese entered him.

Strong arms wrapped around him, drawing him back as Reese’s hips rocked forward, sinking the entire length of his cock into Finch. Buried to the hilt, Reese stopped, his breath hot and fast on the back of Finch’s neck, his hands shifting and grabbing at Finch’s hips, thighs, and belly. Finch managed to disentangle one of his hands from the bedspread and grasped Reese’s, their fingers entwining.

With a soft, shuddering moan, Reese began to move, rocking his hips as his lips fluttered against he back of Finch’s ear, his free hand wrapping around Finch’s cock and stroking in time with his slow, deep thrusts. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before and he found his toes digging into the bed for leverage as he pushed back to meet each of Reese’s thrusts, not trying to make him go faster or harder, but just because he couldn’t hold still, he couldn’t just lie there. His knuckles were white as he clung to Reese, his breath harsh and ragged.

There was no hurry, no urgency – Finch would have liked nothing more than to lie in Reese’s embrace, filled by his hard cock, every breath shuddering through him as the pleasure resonated within him, forever – but the body could only take just so much stimulus before the tipping point was reached. Finch stiffened, his breath coming in short gasps, and he squeezed his eyes shut as a hoarse shout ripped from his throat. It felt like he was being turned inside out as he spilled himself, Reese’s large, strong hand stroking him through each shuddering aftershock. A moment later, Reese pushed deep and cried out, his grip on Finch tightening as he came as well.

He wasn’t sure how long they lay there, lost in the afterglow, but eventually, Reese slipped out of him and climbed out of bed. Finch rolled over and watched him disappear into the bathroom, the bite-marks on his ass visible even in the dim light. He heard water running and then Reese returned carrying a steaming wash cloth.

“Thank you,” Finch said as Reese offered it to him.

“Well, I know how fastidious you are,” Reese said with a grin as he cleared the bed of towels, handcuffs, and lube. Finch washed up, even dabbing at the wet splatters he’d left on the bedspread, before reaching for his robe. “Where are you going?”

“Nowhere,” Finch said. “I was just going to get dressed.”

“No, you’re not,” Reese said, prowling around the bed and pulling the robe from Finch’s grasp. He let it fall to the floor as he leaned in and captured Finch’s lips in a kiss that left them both breathless. “Now get back in bed.”

“But I should check-”

“Alex, do we have a new Number?” Reese asked.

No, John.

“Will you let us know as soon as there is?”

Of course,” Alex said.

Reese grinned and pressed his naked body against Finch’s. “Happy?”

“Doesn’t look like I have much of a choice,” Finch replied, smiling back at him as he wrapped his arms around Reese’s waist and squeezed his ass, drawing a low groan from his lips. “Back to bed?”

“Damn right,” Reese said, sinking onto the mattress and pulling Finch down with him.

The End

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  1. Plink 42 permalink

    Whew! I had no idea Finch was capable of all that. *fans self* This was so satisfying in so many ways. Such a fantastic story. You deserve all the kudos possible. So sad to see it end. *sniff*

    I know you said you’re not leaving the POI world, but it won’t be as exciting without you posting as often. You’ve given me so many head-canons. 😀

    Can’t wait to heat more from you. Sending you all my fanlove!

    • Heehee, yes, he surprised me, too! ^_^ I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m also a little sad to see it end. I did have more ideas for our intrepid heroes, but I just had to give it a rest (for a while). I have a feeling I won’t be able to stay away. The plot-bunnies are already congregating, giving me really bizarre Finch dreams lately.

      Thanks for the comment! ❤

  2. WAAAHOOO!!!
    Oh. Em. Gee. That was so PERFECTLY satisfying!! XD

    Fave lines (just a few out of MANY):
    “He felt like someone had stuck a fork in his ear and scrambled his brains”
    ” I have hours of surveillance footage documenting your perfect rear.” — ROFL! Why, yes, of course he does!! XD
    “They’ll tingle every time you sit down and you’ll think about me, and when they start to fade, I’ll give you fresh ones so you never forget me.” — Oh, myyy…
    “before Reese could answer, Finch had his head buried in Reese’s lap.” — LOVELY!!
    “the bite-marks on his ass visible even in the dim light” — Hahaha!

    Nitpicks: “before I said Reese’s name, just like when it had said his. It had hesitated before, or had seem to, anyway” — “before it said” and “had seemed to”
    “swinging his leg over Reese’s straddling his thighs” — needs a comma
    “It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before” — I would change “he’d” to “Finch had” since the previous name is Reese.
    “horse shout” — “hoarse”

    My wonderful, darling Muse, thank you so very much for this story! I wish it could go on forever, with Alex asking about various positions (for research, of course) and monitoring their progress (vocal stress levels decreased by 28%, etc.), but you do deserve a break after writing all this! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be re-reading this whenever I need a POI fix!!
    Hugs & puppy-dog kisses,

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. ^_^
      And thank you so much for catching all of my typos and misplaced commas and everything. I appreciate it so much.

      I wish this story didn’t have end, but I really need a break from it, lol. I may, if I get the time, come back to it someday because I have several ideas that I never got to work into it, like a storyline involving Elias, and one where Alex asks Finch to create a companion ala Frankenstein. I’ve got so many other unfinished stories, too, though. Actually finishing things has always been a challenge for me, which is why I’m both surprised and proud that I finished this one. ^_^

      Thanks again! ❤

  3. “It was like they were meant to be together, that every step either of them had ever taken had been leading to this point, this perfect moment where two broken men became whole again.” -What a great way to sum up this fic, and even these two in general. ^.^
    But… 😥 Damn. It’s over. Thanks so much for writing this fic, and all your POI fics. I’m gonna miss you.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! When I was writing that line, that was what I was thinking. They’ve been through so much, suffered so much damage, and finally they have healed each other.

      Thanks for the comment! ❤

  4. Oh my dear Katica! Thank you so very, very much for this beautiful chapter, the whole amazing masterpiece of Damaged, ALL your other terrific fics, and for giving so much of yourself, your time and talent to the fandom! You will be terribly, sorely, horribly missed!!!!

    We will hold you to your promise to PLEASE continue to gift us with an occasional POI story when the plotbunnies dance all over your brain. (I am psychically sending a squadron over to your house as we speak).

    Also, please feel free to drop by the new POI discussion website that Blacktop50 and I recently created ( We’d love to see you there and on the Livejournal fic community so we can keep in touch!!

    I am crying so much after reading your beautiful chapter of Our Boys finally having their love completely fulfilled, giving each other the comfort of healing, and being totally and utterly inseparable and whole!

    And I am completely in love with the amzing Alex! May s/he/it continue to grow and learn and watch over our Heroes and all of us! (Sending another platoon of Alex-related plotbunnies with cyborg eyes to stare at you while you’re trying to sleep so you will WRITE MORE POI!)

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all you have given to us fans! HUGS!!!!!!

    • Thank you so very, very much! I’m glad you have enjoyed my work and I’m sure I won’t be able to stay away for long. Your plot-bunny squadron has been hard at work, giving me really bizarre Finch dreams last night. (I mean really bizarre — he was drunk and we were trying to find the zoo, and then we ended up on an old-fashioned train with the private passenger cars. I don’t know if we ever found the zoo or not, lol)

      I’ll be sure to check out your website, although discussion is not really one of my strong suits, lol. It’ll be great to keep in tough, though.

      Thanks again for being one of the best readers a writer could hope to get. *hugs back* ❤

  5. Giulia permalink

    What a great ending! Thank you so much for writing such a magnificent story, I think I’m just gonna read it again and again, it’s absolutely perfect.
    I hope you’ll soon give in to the temptation of writing more POI 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m certain I won’t be able to stay away for long! 🙂

  6. Elandan permalink

    Fantastic ending. I wish the story could have gone on forever. Your writing is what got me really reading “slash” (despite probably being twice the age of anyone here). Much appreciation – you make it look so easy. Your writing is so effortless, flowing and suspenseful. I’m looking forward to reading anything you post (POI or original fiction).

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I did have a few more ideas that I didn’t have time to write, and I may someday come back and continue this story, but I have so many unfinished fics that I want to get to first, I don’t know if it’ll happen.

      Oh no, I corrupted you! XD Well, welcome to the dark side. 😀 And thank you so much for the wonderful compliments. Writing has been a passion of mine for over twenty years, and as soon as I write a best-seller and can retire and live off the royalties, I’ll get back to writing POI fic full time, lol. If you’d like to check out my original stories, I post them on my other WordPress site: Not Your Average Faerie Tales. It’s mostly M/M fantasy smut.

      Thanks again for the comment! ❤

  7. Such an awesome story and a wonderful ending. I love Alex’s interactions with Finch and Reese. I’ve been following this story for so long now I’m a bit sad to see it end. I love your writing and I hope you write more POI in between other projects. Thank you for posting such amazing fic.

  8. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Loved the story…so well written & such sexy fun somehow even in it’s scary parts! And the ending scene! Oh my…words can’t do it justice. So happy to see them so connected not just with sex but with deep love & appreciation for each others characters & emotions. Come back soon. We need you…I need you!

  9. Marnita permalink

    Thank you so very, very much for this wonderful ending! I loved this story from word #1 to the very end. You are one of the best and I am SO glad I found you. I’m here nearly every day, rereading your stories — they are just that good! I am also looking forward to more chapters for your unfinished stories. Your words are definitely worth the wait!

    (bowing down to the Queen of POI fanfic) Pledging my undying love and allegiance!

  10. Littlered permalink

    Omg best story I have ever read and it is so realistic. I am an emotional person and I didn t sleep all the night just to read it and I cry a lot. Thank you thank you thank youuu😭

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