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Damaged – Ch. 39, Part 2

“When you’re ready,” Reese said, his voice low, “I’ll help you into the tub. There’s a towel in there to rest your head on, and I won’t turn on the water until you tell me that I can.”

Finch swallowed hard. “I’m ready,” he said, sounding out of breath. “And yes, I’m sure. I’m scared to death, but I’m sure.”

“All right,” Reese said. “I’m going to take your glasses first.” Finch gave a small nod and allowed Rees to remove his glasses. Reese folded the earpieces back and set them on the counter. Letting Finch move at his own pace, Reese helped him step into the bathtub, standing behind him and grabbing him beneath the arms to lower him to the bottom of the tub. One hand on the back of Finch’s neck, Reese helped him lie down, his other hand gently stroking back and forth over Finch’s chest.

Finch had to bend his knees a little to fit in the bottom of the tub, and he stared up at Reese with wide eyes, his face pale as he drew loud, rapid breaths between clenched teeth. Reese knelt on the floor beside the tub, touching Finch’s face, his hair, his chest, trying to be his anchor, his lifeline.

“You okay?” Reese asked.

“I- I think so,” Finch said with a small nod. “This porcelain is cold and hard and my wrists hurt from lying on my arms, but I’ll survive. What’s next?”

Reese could tell Finch was hanging by a thread, could feel his pounding heart as his hand rested on Finch’s chest, but he admired the man’s courage, his resolve. How long he could keep up this brave face remained to be seen.

Reese picked up the black T-shirt from off the floor and held it up for Finch to see. “I’m going to put this over your head, like a hood. Can I do that?”


Reese gathered up the shirt in his hands, working it under Finch’s head before slowly drawing it down over his face. Finch’s entire body stiffened, his heels thumping hard against the smooth bottom of the tub as he suddenly kicked, a strangled cry escaping him. Reese put a hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him, reassure him, but Finch bucked at his touch.

“Get it off, get it off!” he shouted. Reese grabbed the bottom of the shirt and flipped it back, exposing Finch’s face. As soon as he did, Finch went still, his flushed face gleaming with a sheen of cold sweat, tears flowing freely down his cheeks as he gasped for breath. “I- I can’t- I can’t breathe-”

“It’s all right, Finch; it’s all right. Just take deep breaths, in and out – you’re all right. We can stop now-”

“No!” Finch gasped, closing his eyes and giving his head a slight shake. “No, don’t stop.”

“Are you su-”

Yes, John. Having a T-shirt over my face should not induce a panic attack. I just…I wasn’t prepared for how real it was going to feel. It was like I was back there again. I could hear the water, feel it hitting me…”

“We’ll go slower,” Reese said, raising his hand and wiping the dampness from Finch’s face. “It was my fault for moving too fast. Just take your time, breathe, relax.”

“I’m ready now,” Finch said after a moment. He was still breathing rather hard, but he didn’t flinch when Reese drew the bottom of the shirt down over his forehead.

“If it starts being too real again, just tell me,” Reese said, starting to run his other hand back and forth over Finch’s chest, his fingers combing through the soft, curly hair he found there. That was another mistake he made, not providing enough counter-stimulation. He eased the edge of the shirt lower, down over Finch’s eyes, and let his hand wander farther south as well, down to the soft swelling of Finch’s pale belly, lightly gripping and kneading the flesh. Reese touched his face, brushing his knuckles along the curve of Finch’s law line.

“We can do this,” Reese murmured, tugging the loose material down over one cheek, then the other. He paused to ghost his fingertips along Finch’s lips, wishing he could kiss the tremor from them. “If you need me to go slower, just say so,” Reese said, his other hand stroking down to Finch’s hip. “How does your scar feel? Still itchy?”

“Oh,” Finch said. “No. I’d forgotten all about it.”

“See, I told you I could make it stop,” Reese said with a smile, shifting his hand to the inside of Finch’s thigh. Finch had understandably lost his erection as a result of his panic attack, but hopefully it wouldn’t take long to change that. Covering Finch with one large hand, Reese teased Finch’s balls with his fingertips and felt him slowly harden against the palm of his hand.

“Just a little more,” Reese said, sliding the edge of the shirt down over Finch’s nose. Finch began to breathe harder, small, frightened puffs from between his lips. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” Finch whispered. “Don’t stop. Just touch me. Talk to me. Remind me that you’re there.”

“I’m here, Harold,” Reese said, wrapping his hand around Finch’s cock and stroking him with slow, deliberate pulls from root to tip. “I’ll be here until the end, and when we’re done, I’ll make love to you until we’re both too tired to move.”

“What if I wanted to make love to you?” Finch asked.

Reese’s stroke faltered, a cold, tight knot forming in the pit of his stomach, and he suddenly found it hard to breathe. “Sure,” he said, hoping that Finch hadn’t heard the slight catch in his voice. “Whatever you want to do. You’ve earned it.” If Finch had noticed, he didn’t mention it. Reese reached up, placing a light hand on Finch’s forehead. “Ready?”


Finch gasped, harsh and ragged as Reese finished pulling the shirt down over his lips, to his chin, sucking the material against his mouth with each forceful inhalation. Fingers lingering on the bottom of the shirt, Reese stroked Finch harder, faster, ready to take it off the instant Finch needed him to.

“That’s it,” Reese murmured after a moment. “That’s good, Harold. I knew you could do it. Are we done now?” He knew just how to finish this, but Finch had other plans.

“Water,” Finch said, his voice thin and hoarse. “Turn on the water.”

Reese hesitated. “We don’t have to go that far today,” he said. “You’ve done great. I don’t want to push you too hard.”

“I- I can do it,” Finch said. “I can do it. Please, John.”

“All right,” Reese conceded, “but if it’s too much, I want you to let me know. Don’t push yourself because you think I’ll think less of you. You’re the strongest, bravest man I know. You don’t have to prove anything.”

“I know,” Finch said. “I want to do this.”

Reese doubted that, but he didn’t argue. “All right. Just hang on and try to relax while I get everything ready.” He hated taking his hands off of Finch, of losing that connection, but he had to stand up. “I’m still right here, Harold,” he said. “I won’t leave the room, I just need to adjust the shower head.” He tilted the wall-mounted shower head downward, so it would mostly spray Finch’s legs. He had a feeling that would be traumatic enough. “Almost finished.” Quickly, Reese stripped off his clothes, then knelt, naked, beside the tub again.

“Ready?” Reese asked, just to be sure. Finch nodded, his breathing still fast, but it seemed deliberate, like he was working on staying calm. Reese turned on the faucets and Finch jerked his feet back with a muted grunt of pain, but he didn’t say to stop. One hand on Finch’s knee, Reese played with the temperature until it was just right, then he switched it to the shower.

The spurting of the shower head filled the small room and Finch jerked, his feet slipping and sliding along the bottom of the wet tub as he struggled, helplessly kicking, a strangled whimper escaping him as the spray pattered against his skin from the waist down.

“It’s all right, it’s all right,” Reese said again and again, leaning over the tub to touch him, ground him, using his body to block the stray spray from hitting Finch’s chest or shoulders. “Do you want me to turn it off?”

Finch whimpered; desperate, frightened noises that cut Reese to the core.

“I’m turning it off,” Reese decided, reaching back for the knob.

No,” Finch gasped. “I’m okay…m’okay…m’okay…” Each ragged breath was little more than a mumbled and repetitive affirmation that he was ‘okay’. Reese wasn’t sure he believed him. He hesitated, then left the water on.

“All right, Harold,” Reese said, placing both hands on Finch’s chest, feeling his heart pounding. “We’re almost done. There’s just one more thing I want you to do. I need you to sit up first, though.” Hands on Finch’s shoulders, Reese helped him up. The change in position moved him further into the shower spray and he tensed, flinching back as drops splattered his chest and dampened the bottom edge of the shirt.

Quickly, Reese climbed into the tub behind him, sliding his long legs on either side of Finch’s body. Wrapping his strong arms around the smaller man, Reese drew Finch back against him, holding him close. Finch was as tight as a knotted rope, his entire body trembling.

“Can you guess what I want from you now, Finch?” Reese asked, one hand sliding down Finch’s wet belly to the wiry thatch at his groin, fingers slowly combing through the tight curls. Finch made a soft sound, which Reese took to be a yes. “Can you do that for me? Can you come for me? Can you let the pleasure overpower your fear?”

“Please…” Finch panted. “John, please…”

Reese wrapped his hand around Finch’s cock, the slick skin sliding against his palm as he stroked the shaft, pausing now and again to rub his thumb in a slow circle around the crown. The change was subtle but electric; a shift in the rhythm of his heart, a softening of his whimpers and moans, an urgency in his restless legs and tense frame. He gasped, head tipped back against Reese’s shoulder, and Reese could feel his hands opening and closing, fingers brushing the insides of Reese’s thighs.

Pressing the side of his face against Finch’s head, Reese murmured in his ear, his voice low and rumbling. “That’s it, Harold, just let it happen, just give in to the sensation of my hand on your cock, the heat of the water, my body against yours. I’m going to make you come, and then I’m going to take you out to my bed and I’m going to rub your scars with oil, and then I’m going to hold you close to me for the rest of our lives. I’m never going to let you go. I love you so much…”

“Oh…oh, John…” Finch whispered, his fists clenching, his back arching. Reese pumped him harder, faster, unrelenting, until Finch jerked, his hips snapping upward, thrusting into Reese’s fist as he came with a strangled cry. “Oh, John!”

Even as Reese stroked him through each shuddering wave of pleasure, he reached up with the other hand and pulled the T-shirt off Finch’s head. “Close your eyes,” he warned before Finch could be blinded by the sudden light. After a moment, the quivering body in his arms relaxed, going limp against him so suddenly he had to check to see if Finch had lost consciousness. Dazed blue eyes stared back at him, pupils dilated, Finch’s jaw slack, each breath shuddering through him.

“Are you okay?” Reese asked.

For a moment, it didn’t seem like Finch had heard him, then the quiet recluse gave a slight nod. “Yeah…I’m okay. In fact, right now I feel…really good.”

Reese chuckled and reached over the edge of the tub, picking up the key from off the floor and carefully unlocking Finch’s handcuffs. “What you’re feeling right now is a natural high caused by the flood of adrenaline, oxytocin, and endorphins in your brain. It’s the body’s way of coping with stress, pain, and fear.”

Finch didn’t even try to move as Reese set the handcuffs aside, and then gently manipulated his arms in front of him, resting on his damp chest. Running his hands down Finch’s body, he washed away the lingering splatters of white, making Finch groan and shudder against him. Reese turned his head, nuzzling one of Finch’s sideburns before giving him a soft, lingering kiss on the cheek.

“C’mon,” he murmured, “let’s get out of this tub and into my bed.”

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  1. I’m glad they made it through okay. 😀 Thanks for the update. You gotta love these two. ^.^

  2. Plink 42 permalink

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on your POI novel. Seriously, you could publish this and I’d be the first in line to get one. There’s not enough space here to give you all the kudos you deserve for this fantastic story. (((hugs)))

  3. deliacerrano permalink

    Reese sure tries to take care of Finch! And talk about sexy!!

  4. YAY!! Finch made it through! It’s so wonderful to watch Reese taking care of him… I’m worried for Reese, now, but I’m sure Finch will be just as gentle with him.
    LOVELY chapter!! Anticipating the next! 😀

  5. Giulia permalink

    Magnificent chapter! What a great show of trust from Finch, I can just imagine how hard it must have been for him. It was really moving.
    And now it’s John’s turn…
    Great work as always, I can’t wait for next Friday

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