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Be Careful What You Wish For

Finch is having no luck finding a partner to help him save the irrelevant numbers, but when a bit of retail therapy in an antique store serendipitously delivers Reese into his service, it’s a dream come true. Or is it? By the time he reads the fine print, it’s too late to stop and Finch finds himself indebted to a creature that asks for more than he may be willing to pay.
Warnings: Language, AU, explicit M/M content.

Author’s Note: I swear, most of my plot-bunnies are nice, normal fellows. Maybe they drink a bit too much around the holidays, but who doesn’t? And then there’s Sebastian. He’s the skinny one in the corner with the moth-eaten fur and bad teeth, a glass pipe in one paw. Yes, I have a crack-smoking plot-bunny. I’ve tried to get help for him, but he retaliates by throwing ideas at me, ideas like this one, which get stuck in my brain and interfere with the writing of my respectable fanfics. So you can blame Sebastian for this one.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
  1. Alexa Ray permalink

    This is brilliant. Any chance for more updates? You’ve left me hanging, here! Please?

    • Thank you! Updates on this one come slowly, I’m afraid. Once I finish ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’ I’ll be able to devote more time to this one, I hope.

  2. AKMars permalink

    1-glad I found your archive!
    2-Your photo manip ‘cover’ for this series is fantastic, lol!
    3-Thanks for giving us readers so many wonderful ‘PoI’ stories and for being one of the best slash writers in this genre….your works are a joy to read!

    • Thanks! My photo manip skills aren’t very good, but I thought it turned out pretty cute, lol.
      Thank you so much for the compliment! That means a lot coming from one of my favorite writers! ^_^

  3. T'LIRA permalink


  4. Mandiru permalink

    Aside from Damaged this is a favorite WIP fic. I look forward to the time when you can update it again.

  5. Drayce permalink


    I read your comment at your latest posting of Damaged — Yes, still lurking waiting for it to be finished before reading because I’m apparently a masochist — that you’ll be returning to your original work after it’s finished posting.

    I totally understand the need/wanting to do that given how satisfying it is to build our own worlds.

    But… If you decide not to finish this story *stifles sob* as is your right of course I’d be really interested in hearing where you were planning on taking it. I usually don’t really care for AU stories but this one has really hooked me. I think it’s the mood of the piece overall, very understated considering the subject matter. Since reading the first eight chapters I’ve found myself thinking about where it might be going.

    Anyway, whatever you end up writing, enjoy and thanks for being so entertaining.

    — Drayce.

    • Thank you!

      I do plan on working on this one again, and I”m not going to give up on fanfic, but I really do need to make my original writing (i.e. the stuff I can possibly sell) more of a priority. I was planning on making my original fiction my “job” that I work on Mon – Fri and let my weekends be for fun writing, including fanfic.

      And part of the reason why I haven’t been working on this one is because I’m not sure where it’s going, lol. I know there’s about to be a huge fallout between Finch and Genie!Reese in the next chapter, but after that, I don’t know. I’m considering having them not be able to save the next number (Joey Durban) because they’re not getting along and then I’d like to do something special with Dr. Tillman because she’s one of my favorite POIs, and then eventually the boys will make up and have spectacular sex, and I’ll probably let the story end there.

      Cool! You just helped me think up an outline, lol. Thanks! ^_^

      • Drayce permalink

        My own original fiction has been currently derailed by my pursuing yet another graduate degree, this one professional, so I totally understand.

        I wondered if you might play more with the genie aspect, perhaps it being in Finch’s power to grant Reese his freedom something any of his masters could have done but didn’t. Yes, I’ve been thinking about Reese’s bracelets. Of course Reese can’t tell him, it has to be something Finch works out for himself. Of course the fact that Reese then wants to exercise his freewill to stay and help changes Finch’s perspective completely… Erm… sorry, I’m a plot fiend which is part of the reason why I don’t usually read WIPs as my brain sometimes starts making up its own story. *stupid brain* I suppose I should mention that my original work is all mysteries, which probably explains a lot.

        Anyway… I always mean it as a compliment when a story catches my attention enough for my brain to start doing that. IF you already thought of any of that please don’t change your mind on my account and if you didn’t and you want to use any of it, feel free. You tell a great story.

        Oh and I love Dr. Tillman too.


      • Kilyle permalink

        Man, I wish you’d get back to this one… it is such a cool idea and so impressively executed!

        I would like more clarification on why Harold doesn’t sit down and consider the trade for a full partner — a la Ah! My Goddess. Because it would almost certainly be less costly (both from a “financial” point of view and from an emotional stress one) than piecemealing it. And there’d be less chance of losing a case because the mechanics got in the way.

        But if they actually lose an early case or two… that’d be distinctive! I’d love to see how you handle that. The additional pressure and guilt on Harold, maybe driving him into a contract he’s not emotionally ready for, so he continues to resent and fear it, even though he’s finding more reasons to appreciate John and more reasons to step in and save him… and maybe by the time Root rolls around, she’s got some magical or anti-genie powers or items to make her a real threat. Maybe John risks something extra dear to save Harold — like, Root could want to capture and enslave John!

        Regardless, this is a great idea and a great fic and I hope at some point you continue with it.

  6. Wow, another degree! I’d say that’s a pretty good excuse for not writing, lol.

    Granting Reese his freedom won’t really work with this particular kind of genie. I’ve been borrowing heavily from my own fantasy stories, so he’s a bit different. He’s basically a spirit bound to an object. Since he is a spirit constructed by magic, he’s not very strong, so if the object is destroyed or he’s released from it, he will fade into the ether and cease to exist. The only way he could survive without his lamp would be if he grew strong enough, which he can do by absorbing energy through physical contact (another reason why he wants his payments in sex) or if someone loves him (hint hint, wink wink). I may have Finch offer to set him free, just to deal with this issue.

    Lol, that’s not a stupid brain, that’s a writer’s brain ^_^ I do it, too. And when we do that for TV shows or movies or books, it’s called fanfiction, so there’s nothing wrong with it. ^_^

    • Draycevixen permalink

      It’s so frustrating though when what you want to be doing is writing about Reese and Finch working out their… dynamics rather than reading about group dynamics. *g*

      Ah, no, that makes sense. As said, I write primarily in the mystery genre so my knowledge of fantasy fiction is very limited.

      Absolutely nothing wrong with it although it’s a bit rude when someone is only halfway through writing their story. 😀

  7. Icerune permalink

    Beautiful. Thank you for writing this. It’s wonderful.

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