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Works in Progress

These are incomplete stories that are currently being worked on. Some, however, are updated infrequently and may be on hiatus. Ratings vary, please check the details of each story.

Be Careful What You Wish For
Finch is having no luck finding a partner to help him save the irrelevant numbers, but when a bit of retail therapy in an antique store serendipitously delivers Reese into his service, it’s a dream come true. Or is it? By the time he reads the fine print, it’s too late to stop and Finch finds himself indebted to a creature that asks for more than he may be willing to pay.
Warnings: Language, AU, explicit M/M content.

What happens when Reese can’t be in two places at once? Tough choices and tragedy bring Finch and Reese together, but will Mark Snow and the CIA tear them apart? How much damage can two men survive?
R/Later chapters will be NC-17
Warnings: Language, violence/torture, explicit M/M content.

Reese has the ability to sense the emotions of other people. Begins with the events of the Pilot, now with ‘bonus scenes’. Currently on hiatus.

Tech Support
AU where Ingram is the sole founder of IFT, Harold is tech support, and sexual harassment is the same as foreplay. Will be two parts.
Warnings: AU, explicit M/M content, Harold/Nathan.

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