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Be My Scaly Valentine

This is a sequel to Here Be Dragons, but it’s not chronologically the next story. I’m in the middle of one that should go between HBD and this one, but I didn’t get it finished in time. This story mentions some events that happen in the unfinished story, but it shouldn’t make it hard to follow. Just know that something is missing and I am working on it, lol. Happy Valentine’s Day! โค


Unlocking the door to Reese’s loft, Finch opened it and stepped inside, bracing himself to be welcomed home by an overzealous Bear. Instead, he was greeted by silence and the unmistakable aroma of raw fish. Wrinkling his nose, Finch closed the door behind him.


“Ah, Harold, you’re home,” Reese said, his rich voice emanating from upstairs. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Where’s Bear?” Finch asked, shrugging out of his overcoat and hanging it on the rack behind the door.

“I asked Lionel to look after him tonight. Make yourself comfortable; I’ll be down in a minute.”

“John, why does it smell like–” Finch stopped, staring at the dining table, where two very large, very dead, very whole fish lay resting in a metal washtub of ice, their bulging, sightless eyes staring at him. “Fish.”

“Surprise,” Reese said, and Finch glanced up as Reese, resplendent in his sapphire blue dragon form, came slithering down the staircase, his scales making a melodious singing sound as they scraped against the brick wall. Finch winced as Reese crossed the hardwood floor toward him, his sharp talons leaving pale scratches in the finish. And Finch had through Bear’s toenails were wreaking havoc on the flooring.

“What’s the occasion?” Finch asked, trying not to make a fuss if Reese had indeed planned a surprise for him. Reese lowered his long neck, bowing his head and flicking his forked tongue against Finch’s cheek in a draconic kiss.

“It’s Valentine’s Day,” Reese said with a chuckle.

“Oh, of course,” Finch said, having completely forgotten what day it was. He turned stiffly to look back at the table. “I see you got the traditional Valentine’s Day sushi, too.” Reese laughed, rubbing the side of his long face against Finch’s chest and nosing beneath Finch’s coat. Finch couldn’t help but smile as he stroked his mate’s satiny smooth scales, until Reese bit the buttons off his waistcoat.

“John! This was brand-new.” He pulled away, looking down at the damage. The material hadn’t been ripped, so he could sew the buttons back on– He looked around the floor for them, then back at Reese. “Where are the buttons?”

“Swallowed them,” Reese said, his dark blue eyes flickering mischievously. “Now, are you going to get undressed, or do I have to eat your shoes?”

“Don’t you dare,” Finch said, backing away. “These are my favorite ones.”

“Then take them off,” Reese said, creeping toward him with his head held low, like he was stalking prey. A few months ago, the situation would have scared Finch out of his wits, but he’d grown accustomed to the young dragon’s playful predatory streak. He knew Reese would never hurt him.

Slipping out of his jacket, he toed off his shoes, limping across the room in his stocking feet to set them safely out of the way inside Reese’s weapon’s closet. He draped his buttonless waistcoat over the back of one of the dining room chairs and left his dress shirt on the sofa. Reese followed, sniffing each article of clothing and rubbing his scaly face against it. Finch laid his trousers on the bed and placed his socks on the stairs, smiling to himself as Reese completed the ritual and turned to him, standing in the middle of the loft in just his undershirt and boxers.

“So, dinner is an informal affair, I take it?” Finch said.

“Very informal. Take off the rest. You can’t change in your clothes, remember?”

“Oh!” Finch breathed. “Do you really think I’m ready for that?” They had decided that Finch should only take dragon form in the woods until he became more accustomed to the new body and its peculiarities.

“You make a better dragon than I do a human,” Reese said. “You’re ready.”

Finch’s hands were trembling as he removed his glasses and set them on the table, then stripped off his shirt and let it fall to the floor. Shoving his boxers down, he stepped out of them and moved away from any walls or furniture that he might bump into in his larger body.

“Wait,” Reese said, his tail slithering across the floor as he came close. He pressed the side of his head against Finch’s soft midsection, rumbling low in his chest in contentment. “I love touching you like this,” he said, his long, sinuous tong flicking out, the forked tip tickling Finch’s cock with a cold prickle of electricity.

“John,” Finch admonished as he felt himself getting hard in a hurry, “I’ve never changed while aroused before. What if something goes wrong?”

“It shouldn’t, but we should probably err on the side of caution,” Reese said, his tongue snaking out again and sliding along Finch’s hardening shaft. “I’ll help you take care of the problem.”

“Oh, you and that wicked forked tongue of yours,” Finch panted, grabbing on to Reese’s black, spiral horns for support as his knees threatened to buckle. Reese responded by wrapping his tongue around the base of Finch’s cock and sliding the forked tip back and forth across Finch’s balls. The electric stimulation was almost more than Finch could take, a constant, unrelenting tingle that had him jerking his hips, his breath coming in short, noisy gasps as he squeezed his eyes shut, a strangled cry escaping him as he came.

Reese pulled his tongue back inside his mouth, allowing Finch to lean on him until his legs stopped trembling. “Shall I assume that that was a preview of what’s to come?” Finch asked, grimacing at his unintended pun.

Reese chuckled. “Well it is our first Valentine’s Day together. I want it to be memorable.”

“It already is,” Finch assured him, letting go of his horns and leaning down to bite Reese’s dorsal ridge. He felt the dragon shudder in pleasure as he teeth scraped over the hard scales, leaving scratches in their surface. “Get back now, I’m ready to change,” he said, stepping away from Reese. The blue dragon shuffled back and coiled his body to take up less space.

“Just relax,” Reese coached. “You’ve done this many times already. This is no different.”

Finch closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as he concentrated on his dragon form. A feeling like goosebumps raced over his skin as his scales formed, his spine elongating, tail growing, his skull lengthening. It was several seconds of the strangest physical sensations that he could imagine, and then a momentary wave of dizziness as his consciousness adapted to his new body. When he opened his eyes, it was all over, and he was looking down on the room from more than eight feet in the air. Good thing the loft had such high ceilings.

Finch took another breath, feeling his dragon lungs fill with air, his slender chest expanding– And then he smelled the fish. His eyes snapped open and his head whipped around on his long neck, his jaws parting as his long, forked tongue flicked out to taste the air.

“I’m starving,” he said, speaking through the scale-less patch of skin at his throat.

“I thought you would be,” Reese said, sliding over next to him and rubbing up against his body. Finch rumbled in pleasure and draped his long neck over Reese’s, twisting his head around to nip at the side of Reese’s throat. “Shall we eat now, or can you really not resist me?”

“You are quite irresistible,” Finch said, giving him a harder nip that left marks on his scales, “but I think I can manage to restrain myself for a few minutes, at least.” He looked down at the fish in their tub of ice. “So, do we just…dig in? Or is there a proper way for a dragon to eat a giant fish?”

Reese chuckled. “These are not giant, and you eat them just like you ate those trout you caught in the river.”

“You mean, just swallow it? Whole?” He looked down at the fish again. “I can’t, I’ll choke.”

“No you won’t,” Reese said, rubbing the side of his muzzle against Finch’s. “Just watch me. It’s easy.” He unentwined himself from Finch and stepped over to the table. “First, you have to unhinge your jaw–”

Finch cringed as Reese opened his mouth, his jaw giving an audible pop as the lower mandible detached from his skull.

“Then, you just grab the fish by the head,” Reese said, and as if talking with his mouth closed wasn’t weird enough, doing so with his jaw dislocated most certainly was. He seized the fish by the head and lifted it out of the ice, adjusting his grip a little before tipping his head back. “Then it’s just down the hatch.”

Finch stared, dumbfounded, as Reese swallowed the fish, his unhinged jaw spreading wide to accommodate the girth, the scales separating as his skin stretched. He followed its progress down Reese’s long neck, watching the muscles contract as they moved it along.

“See? Piece of cake,” Reese said, as he yawned, first one side of his jaw, then the other popping back into place.

“Is cake an option?” Finch said, trying to sound like he was joking, but really, choking to death on an overgrown goldfish was not his idea of a romantic date.

“Don’t worry, I’ve saved something for dessert,” Reese said. “Now, eat up so I can show my mate how special he is to me.”

Finch looked down at the fish and sighed. He wanted to eat it–shifting forms had used up a ton of his body’s energy–but his human mind balked at the thought of trying to swallow something as big around as his neck and longer than his arm.

“Don’t think about it so much,” Reese suggested. “Just do it. Your body will know how.” Like it knew how to stalk, chase, kill, and disembowel a deer. He was sure there were lots of things his body knew how to do, but that didn’t mean he wanted to experience them.

Finch glanced over at Reese and caught a whiff of his mate’s scent, the usual spicy aroma tainted by the sour smell of disappointment. Reese had wanted to do something special, and Finch was ruining it.

Finch turned back to the table, stepping closer and lowering his head until he could stare the dead fish in the eye. He opened his mouth, feeling a slight catch at the back of his jaw, and he found that if he stopped at the moment when the jaw caught, and then thrust his lower jaw forward, the mandible popped loose. It was a strange sensation, but not painful, and once unhinged, he was able to stretch his mouth open wider than he had thought possible. Forget the fish, he’d be able to swallow a whole roast, or a side of lamb, or an entire box of donuts–box and all.

Turning his head on its side, he snapped up the fish, his small, pointed teeth digging into the thin, scaled skin and holding the slippery thing still as he tipped his head back. He released his hold on it, feeling it slide into his mouth and start down his throat. He could feel it stretching his skin and he swallowed convulsively, a moment of panic rising in him as his airway was blocked, but then his throat muscles began to contract, squeezing and forcing the fish on down. Once the tail had moved beyond the back of his mouth, he found he could breathe again, and he did so gratefully.

“That wasn’t so bad,” he said finally, although he could still feel the bulge in his throat being forced down his gullet. He’d never take chewing his food for granted again. He gave his head a shake, relaxing his jaw and opening wide, like a yawn. The left side of his jaw clicked back into place first, then the right, and he worked his jaw up and down a few times, just to make sure it was back where it belonged. “Thank you,” he said, turning to Reese. “I’m glad I did that. There’s so much about being a dragon that I still have to learn.”

“And lots that you’re already an expert on,” Reese said, moving toward him with his neck arched and legs stiff-the posture of a dominant male approaching his mate. When he’d done it in the woods, Finch had felt a strange urge to challenge him, to fight him for dominance, but he’d ignored it, allowing Reese to mount him. Now, he couldn’t stop himself from raising his head and straightening his legs. He stepped forward to meet Reese and was surprised when Reese lunged at him, their bodies colliding with a meaty thud. Reese twisted his neck over Finch’s, muscles straining as he tried to force Finch’s head down, but Finch pushed back, twisting, coiling like two serpents.

Still twined together, Reese reared back, pulling Finch off balance. Finch whipped his serpentine body around to keep from falling, his tail knocking over one of the dining room chairs. Reese scrambled on top of him, trying to mount him, his sharp talons raking over Finch’s amethyst scales. Finch twisted, trying to throw Reese off, but Reese dug his claws in and they both landed on the floor. Finch felt a sting as some of his scales pulled loose from the skin, but the pain seemed to invigorate him, and he arched his body, his claws scrabbling to find purchase. He wrapped his tail around Reese’s, pinning it to the floor as he contorted his body, his forelegs wrapping around Reese’s chest and his talons digging into Reese’s back. He craned his head around, snapping and biting at Reese’s face and neck, leaving deep gouges in his scales.

They writhed and rolled across the floor, their grunts and growls filling the loft, the air crackling with electricity. Threads of lightning arced between them and the metal support for the staircase as they rolled up against it, Reese’s back to the steel side. He tried to roll them away from the structure, but Finch quickly latched his claws around the supports, pinning Reese against the stairs. Reese clawed at him, ripping off more scales, and Finch felt a rush of energy flood his system. He sunk his teeth into Reese’s dorsal ridge and slammed the blue dragon’s neck down against the floor, holding him there as Reese struggled to free himself.

He twisted his lower body, his hind feet grasping at Reese’s hind legs and keeping him from clawing any more scales off. Finch rumbled in triumph as he felt his cloaca, already swollen with need and slick with fluid, press against Reese’s. His muscles clenched, forcing his twin shafts to emerge from his opening, the tips rubbing against Reese’s smooth ventral scales. He shifted his hips and thrust forward, a shudder of pleasure rolling through his long body as one hemipenis found its mark and slid inside Reese’s body.

Once the coupling had begun, Reese stopped struggling, his body relaxing. He rumbled in pleasure, his muscles clenching around Finch as Finch began to thrust, his hips jerking as he sunk deep inside his mate again and again. He released his grip on the stairs, holding tight to Reese instead, and let go of Reese’s neck, his tongue flicking out as he tasted Reese’s scent, the air filled with mating hormones that made his heart race and his body quiver. Reese raised his head, rubbing the side of his muzzle back and forth against Finch’s, their scales singing as they slid against each other.

Finch gasped, his muscles clenching, and he felt his cocks grow even harder, forcing the little electrical nodes to protrude from the head. Beneath him, Reese keened in pleasure, lifting his rear off the floor to meet each of Finch’s forceful thrusts, the electricity prickling through Finch’s shafts, the pleasure so intense it was almost unbearable. His muscles spasmed, driving his cock deep inside Reese, and he threw his head back, bugling as he came, filling Reese with his seed, only a couple of small spurts leaking from the second hemipenis. It had to have something to do with both of them being in dragon form; whenever Reese made love to him when he was human, the semen went everywhere, erupting from both cocks equally.

Spent, Finch collapsed on top of Reese, who continued to shudder and writhe beneath him, rumbling contentedly. It wasn’t until Finch began to soften, his long cock slipping out of Reese’s cloaca, that Reese finally grew quiet. Finch knew from experience, being on the receiving end was a unique experience. There was no gradual build-up to a peak, a climax, it was just ecstasy from beginning to end, without the drive, the need to reach orgasm. It was not a destination, but a journey.

Finch turned his head, rubbing his cheek against Reese’s. He could feel stinging patches on his neck and shoulders, and when he raised his head, he was shocked to see the floor of the loft splattered with dark drops of blood, blue and purple scales scattered like confetti, and the hardwood gouged and splintered, like someone had been running around their apartment on ice skates. He looked down at Reese. “Are you okay?”

“Fine,” Reese said, a contented rumble in his voice. “Never better.”

“But- but look what we did,” Finch said, struggling to unwind himself from his mate. “There’s blood everywhere!”

“Just a little,” Reese said, glancing to either side of himself. “Relax.”

“Relax?” Finch repeated, finally untangling their tails and stumbling back. “I- I forced myself on you! How can you tell me to relax?”

“Because I loved it,” Reese said, finally rolling to his feet and standing up. Finch could see the patches of bare skin where he’d removed scales, the skin dark blue and smeared with blood. “I wanted you to, if you could. When two males mate, it’s instinctual to fight for dominance. We can repress that instinct and allow mating without a fight, but the challenge, the struggle–didn’t you find it exhilarating? Don’t you feel alive?”

Finch couldn’t deny that he did. “Are you sure I didn’t hurt you?”

“That was the best sex of my life,” Reese said, stepping over to him and nuzzling the back of his jaw. “And don’t worry, our scales will grow back in a couple of weeks. It’ll itch a little, but there won’t be any permanent damage. Now, will you let me make love to you?”

“I don’t know,” Finch said. “I didn’t make a conscious choice to fight you, it just happened.”

“That’s because I challenged you,” Reese said, “and you weren’t prepared for it. You might be able to resist now that you’ve experienced it, but I don’t intend to challenge you again. Just lie down and relax.”

Finch glanced around, trying to find a place on the floor without too much blood. He lowered himself to the hardwood, lightly dragging a claw over the deep gouges in the finish. “The entire loft is going to have be stripped, sanded, and refinished, you know,” he said as Reese stepped around him.

Reese chuckled as he lay down beside Finch. “I don’t think I’ve ever met a dragon as fussy as you,” he said fondly, draping his neck over Finch’s and lightly biting at his throat. Finch rumbled in pleasure, turning his head to rub his muzzle against Reese’s. He rolled onto his side, leaning back against Reese, and drew up his hind leg, giving Reese room to work his tail over Finch’s. Reese’s powerful hind feet gripped at him, holding him as Reese shifted his hips, twisting his body until their cloacas lined up. Reese wrapped his forelegs around Finch’s body, behind his own forelegs, holding him as though they were human, his talons sliding up and down the smooth scales on Finch’s chest as Reese caressed him.

Finch felt Reese’s muscles tense and he shivered in anticipation as the slick tips of Reese’s hemipenes rubbed against his cloaca. Reese pressed closer and Finch groaned, his neck arching, as one of Reese’s shafts slid inside, filling him up. It felt so good, a satisfying, fulfilling kind of pleasure. There was no need, no hunger, no race to the finish. He relaxed against Reese, his eyes closing as he reveled in his mate’s touch.

Reese shifted and adjusted, pushing himself deep into Finch. Finch rumbled and sighed, never having felt so connected with anyone before, as Reese held him, slowly undulating his neck and rubbing their scales together.

“I love you, Harold,” Reese murmured. “More than anything. More than I ever thought, or hoped, or imagined I could love another person. You have taught me new definitions of love, and I intend to spend every day of my life reminding you of how cherished you are.”

“Oh, John,” Finch breathed, overwhelmed by his emotions. “I love you, too.” He rocked his hips, clenching his muscles and squeezing Reese’s cock, making Reese rumble and clutch at him, but the blue dragon remained still, buried inside him. “Oh, John, you feel so good,” Finch said, waves of pleasure rolling through him, “but what about you?”

“This is just for you,” Reese said. “I could make love to you all night long.”

Finch moaned, a long, helpless keen of pleasure. “B- but what about dessert?”


“Yes, you said you saved something for dessert.”

“Oh,” Reese said, his tongue darting out to stroke Finch’s jaw, “that’s right, I did. There’s a box…in the fridge. I hope you like chocolate…and strawberries…and whipped cream.” He punctuated each pause with a deep, languid thrust into Finch’s body.

“Oh, my favorite,” Finch moaned, trembling inside as his pleasure grew. While it felt wonderful just to have Reese inside him, it was better to feel him moving, his long dragon cock filling Finch’s tight passage, the friction making him gasp and twitch.

“I thought so,” Reese replied, licking him again. “My other choices were red velvet cake or chunky cherry ice cream, but I didn’t think you’d let me feed you cake or ice cream in bed.”

“Very astute of you,” Finch said, his eyes sliding shut as he groaned, rumbling deep in his chest. “I think we’ve destroyed enough of the apartment for one night.” He shuddered, his tail lashing back and forth across the floor. “That’s it, John–harder. I want to feel you come in me.”

“We should have our own place,” Reese said, his voice growing tight as he struggled to maintain a slow and even pace. Finch squeezed him again, making him growl and dig his claws into the scales on Finch’s chest. “Do you…have a…fixer-upper…we could…use?”

“No, but…I’ll see what I can find…on the market,” Finch panted, drawing shaky breaths in anticipation of what was to come next. Reese plunged into him, hard and fast, and Finch arched against him, keening helplessly as waves of electricity prickled inside him, the nodes on Reese’s cockhead rubbing inside his passage, stimulating nerves and making him quiver in ecstasy.

Reese suddenly bit down on Finch’s dorsal ridge, clasping him tightly as his thrusts grew urgent and erratic. Beyond overwhelming physical pleasure, Finch felt a wash of intense emotional well-being. He had never felt so happy, so relaxed, so safe, and so loved. A moment later, Reese let go, lifting his head and trumpeting his release. Finch shuddered as he felt the flood of thick, slick fluid fill him, the pleasure singing through his body.

Gasping and trembling, Reese collapsed, his head falling against the side of Finch’s neck. “And try to find a place…with no neighbors,” Reese said, trying to catch his breath.

“In this city?” Finch murmured, his tail twitching back and forth across the floor, his forefeet unclenching as the electricity faded. “Easier said than done.”

“I’m sure you can figure it out,” Reese said, still buried inside him. They lay quietly, almost reverently, just touching, nuzzling, licking, listening to each other breathe, until Reese finally softened and slipped out of Finch, his hemipenes retracting into his body.

“That was amazing,” Finch said. “You’re amazing. Tonight was–”

“Amazing?” Reese said with a chuckle.

“I was going to say spectacular,” Finch said, reluctantly rolling to his feet. He gave himself a shake, dislodging several loose scales which clattered to the floor. He looked around at the carnage and sighed. “I suppose we should clean this up before the blood stains the wood.”

“It’s already going to have to be refinished,” Reese said. “I’ll clean it up in the morning. Right now, we’ve got dessert.”

“Mmm, that’s right,” Finch said. “John, you spoil me.”

“You’re worth spoiling,” Reese replied, rubbing his cheek against Finch’s. “We should get changed and wash up a bit first. I’ve been dreaming of kissing your sticky sweet lips ever since I saw those strawberries.” Finch rumbled with joy as he nipped at Reese’s neck before stepping away from him. They changed back to human form, a wave of dizziness washing over Finch as he tottered over to the table, bracing his hands on the back of the chair before picking up his glasses. Finch grimaced as he looked from Reese’s blood-splattered body to down at his own. He could see red, sore spots on his thighs, and feel the burning sting on his neck and shoulders. Reese bore similar marks, evidence of their…passionate lovemaking.

Finch limped into the bathroom, his hip giving him more trouble than usual. Or maybe he was just noticing it more after his athletic romp with Reese. He used a wash cloth to scrub away as much of the blood as he could reach. Good enough. He threw the dirty cloth into the clothes hamper and headed out into the loft. He was starving again.

Reese was waiting for him in bed, lying nude on the expensive sheets Finch had bought him, holding a plate of two dozen chocolate-dipped strawberries arranged around a bowl of light, frothy whipped cream. Finch nearly tackled him, his mouth watering as he climbed onto the bed. Reese picked up one of the big, dark red fruits, dipped it into the mound of whipped cream, and held it out to Finch. He moaned, his eyes sliding shut, as the cool sweetness touched his tongue, his teeth biting through the crisp chocolate shell and into the firm, fleshy strawberry, the juice bursting out and trickling down his chin. The berry was so big, he could only bite off half of it.

Finch rumbled in delight as Reese leaned in and licked his sticky lips and chin. He swallowed and kissed him back, sharing the flavor on his tongue. He picked up a berry, gave it a deep, slow dunk in the whipped cream, and held it to Reese’s smiling lips. He was gorgeous when he smiled, his dark eyes flashing. Reese’s tongue darted out, licking whipped cream off the strawberry, then he leaned close and bit down, making appreciative sounds as he chewed.

They lay in bed together, cuddled close, with Finch’s head on Reese’s shoulder and their legs entwined, feeding each other strawberries until they fell asleep, their lips stained red and fingers sticky with chocolate and whipped cream.

  1. oh wow…..i really just don’t know what to say anymore….just….wow….you are an amazing author!

  2. So much fun!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    And practically a promise for more!
    Great use of the loft apartment, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I want to know if those buttons are going to show up in John’s fewmets or if he poops them out while in human form… XD

  3. Kate permalink

    I am so glad Reese thought ahead and sent Bear to stay with Uncle Lionel! Wow – incredibly hot and full of wonderful details – I loved it! And such a fussy Finch! LOL!

  4. deliacerrano permalink

    Fussy Finch… brave to try all these new things. But his reward is a very romantic, loving, gorgeous
    human/dragon. Do these dragons ever have babies or lay dragon eggs that become baby dragons ?

  5. managerie76 permalink

    Sweet and hot

  6. Plink42 permalink

    Ahhh… nothing days Happy Valentine’s Day like rough dragon sex. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hot and romantic. Any chance you could expand on the strawberries-in-
    bed scene? That would be yummy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. “‘Is cake an option?’ Finch said, trying to sound like he was joking, but really, choking to death on an overgrown goldfish was not his idea of a romantic date.” lol. I’m with Harold. XD Fish=ugh. -DX’ Also loved: “Finch nearly tackled him,” because suddenly in my head Finch turned into a football player, shoulder-pads and all. CK
    I can safely say I’ve never read anything remotely close to this before. Good job. ๐Ÿ™‚

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