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FanFiction R – NC-17

These stories range from R to NC-17 in rating and contain explicit M/M sexual content, violence, and language. If you are not over the legal age to view such adult material or you do not wish to view it, please consider reading my G/PG/PG-13 rated stories instead.

Be My Scaly Valentine
Sequel to Here Be Dragons. Finch is treated to a special evening with by his mate.
Warnings: Explicit M/M, AU, Dragon!porn, rough dragon sex.

Bordeaux and Black Cherry (Silk Stockings Sequel)
After a month of waiting for Finch to make a move, Reese takes matters into his own hands.
Warnings: Cross-dressing, Explicit M/M content, general cracktasticness.

Caught in the Act – Finch
Reese surprises Finch at the library, and is shocked by what he discovers.
Warnings: Voyeurism, Aggressive!Reese, explicit M/M content.

Caught in the Act – Reese
Finch catches Reese in a compromising position.
Warnings: Dominant!Finch, denied orgasm, explicit M/M content.

Dream a Little Dream of Me
When Finch develops a migraine, Reese takes care of him, stirring feelings in the hardened operative that he’s long tried to ignore. In the morning, Finch wakes from a wonderful dream that ignites feelings he can’t keep inside, causing tension between the two men. Reese demands answers; Finch guards his secrets. Will the truth come out?
PG-13/Final chapter is NC-17
Warnings: Explicit M/M content.

Hard Water
Reese and Finch clean up and get dirty after a difficult mission.
Warnings: Rough sex, explicit M/M content.

Here Be Dragons
Reese has been moody and irritable lately. Can Finch help him, or is this problem too big for the both of them?
Warnings: Explicit M/M content, Dragon!porn, General cracktasticness.

Hurt / Comfort
After Reese is injured, Finch tends his wounds and the UST is resolved.
Warnings: Explicit M/M content.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Finch
When a huge storm shuts down New York and the Machine has no new numbers, Reese and Finch spend Christmas Eve together.
Warnings: Explicit M/M content.

Mirror, Mirror
Finch and Reese are surprised by the sudden appearance of Reese’s counterpart from the alternate universe. Captain Reese wants information to help him catch a dangerous criminal in his world, but that’s not all he’s after. He’s determined to get one or both men into bed with him, but when his scheming goes too far, how far will Reese and Finch go to salvage their partnership?
Warnings: Explicit M/M and M/M/M content, male genital piercings, Fringe crossover.

Need (Not a Halloween Story)
Every month, Finch disappears for three days. Where does he go? Reese decides to find out, with unexpected consequences.
Warnings: Explicit M/M

Silk Stockings
Reese follows Finch home one night and discovers more than he bargained for.
Warnings: Cross-dressing, Explicit M/M content, general cracktasticness.

Reese discovers his teasing may have gone too far after an unexpected turn in a case reveals more about both men than either was ready to have known. When tragedy strikes, will it destroy them both? 21 Chapters.
Warnings: Voyeurism, explicit language, violence/torture, explicit M/M content.

Tech Support
AU where Ingram is the sole founder of IFT, Harold is tech support, and sexual harassment is the same as foreplay.
Warnings: Non-con (power-play, not violence), Explicit M/M content, AU

Want (Not a Valentine’s Story)
The sequel to Need (Not a Halloween Story) – Angst and Valentine’s fluff.
Warnings: Moderate M/M content, angst

Wild Side
Finch shared his deepest secret with Reese.
Warnings: AU, werewolf/human sex, explicit M/M content.

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