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Reese stood in front of the cracked window inside the library, half a cup of lukewarm coffee in his hand, staring at the pictures taped to the glass, testing the nebulous connections he’d made between these seemingly random people. His theories appeared sound, but he’d need to run them by Finch before he accepted them. And speaking of Finch…Reese glanced at his watch as the sound of the exterior door closing echoed down the long, cement hallways.

Turning away from the board, Reese took a sip of his coffee, made a face, and tossed it into the trash. “It’s about time you got here,” Reese said, his voice raised as he teased the usually punctual man. “Did you have a late night?” He walked over to Finch’s workstation and turned on all the monitors for him as the slow, uneven footsteps drew near.

“That’s really none of your business, Mr. Reese,” Finch said and Reese smiled to himself. “If you must know, there was construction on Central Park West and I decided that it would be faster to walk.”

“But, it’s raining,” Reese said, frowning as he turned around. Limping into the room, a bedraggled Finch dripped water onto the floor as he glowered at Reese over fogged-up glasses.

“It wasn’t twenty minutes ago,” Finch said. Reese pressed his lips tightly together, trying not to laugh, but it wasn’t working. “This isn’t funny,” Finch said, a warning in his tone. “I’m soaked to the skin.”

“Oh,” Reese said, suddenly sobering. “No, that’s not funny at all.” Finch gave him a wary glance as Reese stepped around the big table and walked toward him, suddenly noticing how his wet clothes clung to his body, the lenses of his glasses dotted with droplets of water, his breathing heavy and his skin flushed.

“What are you doing?” Finch asked, taking a step back as Reese approached.

“You need to get out of those clothes before you catch a chill,” Reese said, his voice soft. He reached for the buttons of Finch’s suit jacket, but Finch pushed his hand away.

“Mr. Reese, what have I told you-”

Reese cupped the back of Finch’s neck with one large, strong hand, his fingers sliding into the wet hair as he silenced the smaller man with a fierce kiss, pressing his body against Finch’s. He could feel the water from Finch’s clothes soaking into his shirt and slacks, but he didn’t care.

After a moment, Finch drew back, completely flustered and out of breath. “John! I told you, not at the library. This is where we work-”

“Oh, shut up, Finch,” Reese murmured, leaning down and capturing the man’s lips again. Finch resisted for another moment, his body stiff and unyielding, before surrendering with a groan.

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One Comment
  1. managerie76 permalink

    I like how Reese doesn’t think it’s funny after realizing Harold will be wet and cold thus making his injuries worse.

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