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Reese walked through the rain, no umbrella, not even seeming to care that he was soaked to the skin. In one hand, he clutched a wrinkled and dripping sheet of paper, in the other, a broken pair of glasses. He stopped before a small, marble headstone inscribed with a name and date, no flowery epitaphs, no beloved friend. Just a name, and not even the correct one for the man who lay buried beneath.

“I got the letter from your lawyer,” Reese said to the stone, his voice quiet, rough, as though he’d been drinking again, or crying. Maybe both. “I appreciate the money and the new identity, but…I thought…I hoped you would have trusted me with access to your Machine. I don’t know if I could have done it without you, but I’d have died trying…” He looked down at the paper in his hand. “Maybe that’s why you didn’t. Maybe this is your way of saving one last life, one last irrelevant person.

“I never said it, but I should have. Every day, I should have told you how grateful I was, not for the job, not for giving me a purpose, or for saving my life, but for being my friend. You will be missed, Harold.”

He reached out, placing the broken glasses on top of the tombstone, the rain beading up on the lenses. Maybe it was rain that he wiped from his eyes, maybe it was tears. He turned and walked away, got into his car, and drove off.

Seated in the back of a black town car, the man who had been Harold Finch took the earpiece out of his ear and sighed. He hadn’t imagined it would hurt this bad, leaving Reese behind, letting him go, setting him free, but it was what had to be done. Reese never would have stopped so long as Finch was alive, he’d have kept going until it killed him, and that was something Finch couldn’t live with.

He lowered the privacy screen. “We can go now,” he told the driver. He had a meeting with Reese’s replacement, and as always, there were more numbers to save.

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  1. Mayme permalink

    oh my god, what have you done… why?
    this is just so incharacter (i can even see this happen in the real show in the end :O ), so beautiful and well writen (i love these little fics with the drops of water on finch’ glasses <3) and just so sad… and i don't think they will ever be able to forget each other, even if reese thinks finch is dead… (there's no possibility for a long slashy fic with this theme? is there? with lots of angst and reese' replacement and reese finding out that finch is still alive? <3)

  2. Sam Rawana permalink

    Reese is going be madder than hell when he finds out that Harold actually alive, and cazier than a sack full of cats on catnip.

  3. managerie76 permalink



    *more screaming*

  4. Jane permalink

    Just- beautiful, sad, lovely, sobbing.

  5. Youknowhatsit permalink

    No No No No No. Wait wait what?! I am fucking crying right now.

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